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Schwarzkopf BLONDME Premium Lightner 9+ 450g is a high-performance lightener for professional use. Moreover, it provides maximum lift and ultimate lightening results for all types of blonde hair by offering up to nine levels of lift. Thus, it is ideal for intense and vibrant blonde shades. It is a versatile product suitable for various techniques, including full head application, highlights, balayage, and ombre.

On another note, the BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ is rich in anti-yellow agents that neutralize unwanted yellow undertones during the lightening process. Hence, achieving a clean and pure blonde shade. Despite its powerful lifting ability, this product is rich in ingredients that protect the hair during the lightening process, minimizing damage and maintaining the integrity of the hair strands.

On top of that, it features a dust-free formula, which makes it easier to mix and apply. Additionally, it creates a creamy consistency that adheres well to the hair, minimizing product waste and ensuring even lightening results.


  • Lightner 9+;
  • Compatible with the Schwarzkopf BLONDME developers;
  • Provides vibrant, radiant and long-lasting color results.




This product was developed for professional use only and should not, therefore, be used at home. Mix Schwarzkopf BLONDME Premium Lightner 9+ 450g with the appropriate developer, such as a BLONDME Developer, for optimal results. The mixing ratio and processing time may vary depending on the desired lightening effect and the starting level of the hair.

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