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Key Ingredients: Ginseng, Aloe Vera


Treat My Scalp Shampoo is the answer to your scalp therapy needs and is gentle enough for daily use. Treat My Scalp helps prevent itching and irritation that comes from a dry scalp. It’s anti-dandruff properties also help remove flaking from the scalp by cleansing the roots. Made from high quality, natural ingredients including Ginseng - which is anti aging and anti inflammatory, as well as Aloe Vera which has healing, soothing properties. Treat My Scalp is a must have for a scalp based hair care routine.  


Massage a 20 cent piece worth of RPR Treat My Scalp Shampoo into damp hair, concentrating on the scalp and roots. For hair that requires extra cleansing, repeat this step. Follow with an RPR Conditioner of your choice on mid lengths to ends. This shampoo is gentle enough to be used daily. If not used daily, it is recommended to shampoo your hair every 2-3 days depending on your hair type.

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